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Enimmune’s Speedy Rapid Test Kit to Detect Omicron

2022 - 01 - 18 News Highlights



Enimmune Corp. (TWSE: 6564) announced today that the live virus test of the Speedy COVID-19 Ag Rapid Test Kit conducted by a medical center in Taiwan demonstrated high specificity against SARS-CoV-2 variant Omicron, even at low viral concentration (31.25 TCID50/ml).


The Speedy COVID-19 Ag Rapid Test Kit has been certified by EU CE-IVD as well as Taiwan’s Ministry of Health and Welfare. With 92% sensitivity and 100% specificity, it is a 15-minute easy-to-use test, no equipment required.


“The Omicron variant has major mutation on the spike protein and four others in the nucleoprotein,” said Enimmune, a subsidiary of Adimmune Corporation. “The design of our Speedy Test Kit retains its specificity of the mutation of Omicron.”


Omicron variant surges in many parts of the world and has triggered community transmission in Taiwan. Since Omicron, highly transmissible, has short incubation period and usually causes mild symptoms similar to common cold, an accurate rapid test kit is an important tool to not only contain the epidemic but also provide assurance to the public.


With the rising demand of rapid test kits against COVID-19, Enimmune has received inquiries from many parts of the world and is ready to meet this increasing demand worldwide.



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